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Art We Heart

Art We Heart is an LA based art boutique selling limited edition works by artists we love. Paper Art, Plant Art, Cards, Posters and Books.


Mod Notebooks

The Mod experience starts with a beautiful notebook. When designing our notebooks, we began with a traditional thread bound design. From there we then sprinkled in modern features to make it something you’ll love to carry around everyday.


Stand Desk

Stand Desk’s mission is to simplify the way you stay healthy, happy, and productive. Stand Desk has built world’s most affordable “automatic” standing desk, and is truly the company that could make standing at the office mainstream.


MSTRMND Collective

There’s enough clutter and chaos in the world already. Why bring that mess into your pockets? That’s why we keep it simple. MSTRMND Collective designs practical, slim, minimal wallets, that enhance your everyday carry. 100% Made in the USA.



AViiQ was created to solve the pains that were faced every day by its founders, people who in general find themselves working outside of the office. Our products are designed to meet the unique criteria of today’s mobile generation.



Started in 2005, RAYGUN is a printing, design, and clothing company owned and operated by extremely attractive midwesterners dedicated to saving the world from darkness.



iSkelter creates modern tech accessories for your office, home, and apartment. All of the products are made from eco friendly material and hand-built in America.


Moss + Twig

Moss + Twig is a homegrown company that focuses on specialty plant works. Products are hand-made with quality materials such as wood, glass and cork and include terrariums, planters, desktop ecosystems, and living jewelry.


Wheelmen and Co.

Born from a strong family heritage in cycling, combined with a passion for classic tailoring, the products we create at Wheelmen & Co. are bringing back the Golden Age of Travel to meet our contemporary needs. 100% American Made.


Thug Life Shirts

Operating under our motto “I didn’t choose the shirt, the shirt chose me” we make shirts that draw reactions and feature content that’s offensive to ‘work safe’; single to taken; sarcastic to sweet; partying to netflixing. Find yours today!